Pigs that are born and raised in New Zealand by commercial pig farmers are well cared for.

Pigs have different needs from grazing animals like sheep and cattle, so farmers work with each of their animals all year round and at every stage of their growth. It makes for a busy but rewarding farming life for New Zealand’s small pig farming sector.

All pigs that are commercially grown in New Zealand are provided with shelter, protection from the weather and a carefully managed diet, fed daily.

Local farmers use a variety of housing options and farm practices, which reflect the needs of the animals, the local climate and the farming system they believe is best suited to their pigs. These practices also enable pig farmers to take good care of their local environment.

Pigs need to be actively cared for to grow well. Commercial pig farmers in New Zealand focus on providing expert management and quality care to ensure they grow healthy and productive pigs.

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The PigCare™ programme means we know that every PigCare™ labelled product is from a pig that was born and raised in New Zealand and was farmed to PigCare™’s high welfare standards.

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