More than a decade ago, New Zealand’s pig farmers began working with local experts to create a new standard for caring for pigs in New Zealand.

This led to the development of PigCare™ – a world-leading welfare assurance programme for farmed pigs. It’s the only programme of its kind in New Zealand that looks at the whole farm system to ensure animals are well cared-for.

The programme was developed by Massey University with input from vets, farmers, the Ministry for Primary Industries and other organisations. An overview of the PigCare™ requirements can be viewed here.

Each year, every commercial pig farm in New Zealand is audited to make sure it is meeting the standards of care, animal welfare and presentation required to be a PigCare™ farmer. The audit process is managed by independent assessors, Quality Consultants New Zealand Limited (QCONZ).

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The PigCare™ standards are also reviewed every year to include the benefits of the latest innovations, scientific research and good practices. This means local farmers can continually meet and improve on New Zealand’s world-class farming standards.

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